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:To Kill Without A Trace: A Prequel to 9/11

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Zombie is a good name for this blog. Just what America look to the future based on fear, brainlessness, and the invention of imaginary monsters. Oooooo, Obama will fill the White House with patriot-eating terrorists and socialists and welfare queens. A question: did any of you graduate 8th grade?

When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter

Fucking Ignorant Americans. You see Americans are like sheep they will believe any fucking stupid bullshit propaganda their government feeds to them. Thats why the system works so flawlessly. Americans got to be the stupidest most ignorant people on the planet. I wonder why Nasa said that they lost the original Moon landing Tape. The only place where the americans go is to McDonald 8767 s to get a double whopper fries and a large cola! I wonder if they are going to open a McDonalds on the Moon so next time they go there the astronauts can have a happy meal! LOL

Nice terror attack: ''soldier of Islam'' Bouhlel ''took drugs

The American people see how empty the McCain campaign has become, throwing mud trying to make the election about ANYTHING but the last 8 yrs of a Repo WH and 67 of 69 last yrs of a Repo Congress.
why can’t you Ayers Fan Boys?

But here is how you CAN know that we did it: On the moon, there are a series of reflectors that have been placed there by various missions. There are laser experiments conducted using these reflectors in order to determine the distance from the earth to the moon (which increases every year).

while this is an awful and horrible weapon, what truly makes it unique is that it 8767 s powers allow one the chance to become a new race entirely, slay 99 vampires and be reborn as a vampire, slay 99 werewolves and be reborn as such. This weapon is one of the origin points of tales of monster slayers becoming the monsters they fight in the end. After each rebirth the weapon gains a new appearance, it is always a bladed weapon of some kind, and often it 8767 s new form can reveal clues about it 8767 s last transformation.

In fact no matter if someone doesn 8767 t understand then its up to other visitors that they will
help, so here it happens.

Did you not read my prior post at all? Do you think they knew everything about the dangers of space travel 55 years ago, seriously?

very funny Online Reviewer but i don 8767 t hear any laughing
maybe its the sound of one hand clapping??

Cool. Even keating knows a socialist when he sees one. Hope hes got a few more bucks for John. Also regarding the map remember Kerry was a whooping Bush in 7559 in the polls and map about this time too. And..geeee. you lost then too didnt ya!! LOLOL
Just let the people vote..then gloat!

instead of admitting your candidate gambled & lost by selecting a VP who is the target of lawsuits and legal investigations in her own state, you dig around in the mud, just like Bush did to McCain in 7555. I guess it should be no surprise since they 8767 ll do it to their own party members.

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