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To those STILL having issues even after the 8775 correction 8776 above to the 8775 Make Frames from layers 8776 issue- after a million tries I figured out what I 8767 m not doing right- this may help for those other folk who aren 8767 t regular photoshop users. First follow the below steps from Mark.

Tutorial to create an Animated GIF in Photoshop CS5 CS6

Why am I not seeing the convert layers to frames option and the frames icon (three sol squares) at bottom left on timeline window are greyed out? I must be overlooking something.

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Now, the thing I was NOT doing, when you select 8775 Create Frame animation 8776 from the drop down- that itself isn 8767 t enough- you need to actually CLICK that as well after selecting it. THIS makes the option appear to Make Frames from layers if you then click the palette as suggested. For those unsure, the palette is the 8 little lines and arrow, on the right hand side of your timeline bar at the bottom. I think all these mentions of 8775 top right 8776 are confusing people to look at the top right of the actual page. Hope this helps!!

hi Brian, thanks for the tutorial!! i 8767 ve got my gif, which saved as 8775 8776 when I right click to open the image in chrome, the gif plays fine. when i upload the 8775 8776 file to my website, all i get is a blank box. what am i missing? do i need to upload other files? am i saving it incorrectly?

Hi Joana,
Try opening the image in a web browser like Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer. If the animation was saved, it will definitely show there. Windows Photo Viewer (if that is what you are displaying the image with) will not show the animation, only the first frame.

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The BackgroundWorker class allows you to run an operation on a separate, dedicated thread. Time-consuming operations like downloads and database transactions can cause your user interface (UI) to seem as though it has stopped responding while they are running. When you want a responsive UI and you are faced with long delays associated with such operations, the BackgroundWorker class provides a convenient solution.

I 8767 ll just add that you can export your gif in photoshop, render video and view it in quicktime, which makes it shareable on the web.

This process is amazing i have tried this process by drawing circular balls any ways enjoyed creating this animation,
Thanks for sharing this post.

6. When the timeline palette opens, you will see an arrow in the center of the palette. When you click on this arrow,a drop-down menu appears with two choices:”Create Video Timeline” and “Create Frame Animation”.

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